How Card Payments Benefit Your Business

Accept card payments with iKhokha card machines and increase sales. Businesses now prefer card payments and are choosing to go cashless. Grow your sales.

4 Reasons Why Businesses Are Going Digital

There is a growing shift towards businesses preferring card machines. It used to be the case that restaurants or cafes would only accept cash. Today, the reverse seems to be happening. Driven by the rise in electronic payments, businesses now prefer card payments and are choosing to go cashless.

But what are the benefits for the companies taking the plunge? And more to the point – are consumers accepting of it? Let’s take a look at the current situation, along with a few examples of brands embracing cashless payments.

  • Plastic is more secure
    Card machines mitigate the risks associated with consumers carry money on their person and businesses having large quantities of cash onsite.
  • Integrating with digital rewards
    Businesses are now introducing new apps that enable consumers to choose faster payment options, whilst also benefiting from rewards and digital ordering services.
  • Aligning with consumer behaviour
    Cash is no longer the preferred method of payment. Cards now account for more than half of all retail purchases, whilst contactless cards account for roughly one third of all payments.
  • Improving efficiency
    Along with businesses going cashless to facilitate the growing usage of mobile payments, they’re also doing so to improve general efficiency – for customers and employees.

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