Black Friday Spotlight: How to Prepare for the Rush

Get ready for Black Friday with these handy tips! Prepare your store for the rush and improve your customer experience this year.

Black Friday Preparations

If you’ve been following our Black Friday series, you’ll already have insight into deal creation and promotion using simple and affordable marketing techniques.

In this, the final part of the series, we’ll go through preparing your store for the rush.


The experience

As a small business, you have the opportunity to delight your customers with a refreshing Black Friday experience. While large retailers will focus on low price points to drive volume, you can provide a more personalised experience for your shoppers.

First of all, try creating an enjoyable and relaxing shopping environment to stand out from the chaos. It’ll offer your shoppers a refreshing break.

You should also think outside-the-box to devise ways to encourage them to interact with your products. Product demonstrations throughout the day will help while sharing samples with your shoppers or hiring promoters to guide them will further enrich their experience. If you get it right, these experiences will turn into excellent marketing opportunities as your customers tell their friends.

Whatever you do, just remember to be yourself. It’ll lead to a much more authentic experience which your shoppers will enjoy.


Store décor

Decorating your store so that it’s fit for the occasion is also a must. Remember, in-store advertising doesn’t need to break the bank. There are a number of techniques you can use to connect with your customers using wit, humour and innovative thinking.

Some examples:

1.Build a creative display with your products

Black Friday store decor

2. Use blackboards for specials

3. Witty headlines & pop culture references

Black Friday store decor

Ask your customers

Wondering what your customers are expecting over Black Friday? The best way to find out is to ask them. Encouraging your customers to create Black Friday wishlists will give you a good indication of which specials you should be running. Asking your customers for their opinions and feedback will also make your service feel more personalised and make your customers feel valued.


Galvanise your staff

Make sure that your staff members are all aware of your Black Friday specials in advance and encourage them to inform your shoppers. You could even run sales-based incentive programmes by offering your top performers cash incentives or Takealot vouchers.

Depending on the volume of shoppers you’re expecting, you may want to increase your staff complement. Hiring recent graduates and school-leavers as short-term help is a win-win. You get added feet on the ground and they get work experience and holiday spending money.


Consider e-commerce

Due to Covid-19, Black Friday will be a little different this year. Many retailers have already extended their Black Friday specials to run over the entire month in an effort to minimise crowds and promote social distancing. They have also expanded their e-commerce activity and are promoting their Black Friday specials online. As we saw during Lockdown, e-commerce does offer certain advantages to small businesses, so if you’re not online yet this may be a great opportunity to take the leap.


Payment options

On Black Friday, time is of the essence for your shoppers. Offering multiple payment options which enable them to check out quickly and easily is essential. Card machines with Tap & Go functionality will enable you to process faster, safer transactions. Thes Mover Pro, for example, has all-day battery life. This means you’re not restricted to the checkout counter and can process your customers’ purchases wherever you are in your store and even if you’re off-site. iKhokha also offers card machines with built-in printers and full bundled POS solutions.

Finally, don’t compare your store to bigger retailers. Your mission is to delight your customers as best as possible. If you can do that by creating memorable, personalised experiences that make them want to tell their friends, the sales will surely follow.



Josh Martin

The resident 'Word Nerd' at iKhokha, Josh is on a mission to help businesses grow with insightful, data-driven and engaging content that builds lasting enterprises. When he's off the clock, he's trawling Reddit or in the garden drinking wine.

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