Spotify: It’s time to grow your business

A good playlist can enhance any moment. As a bonus to our iKhokha merchants, we have handcrafted playlists to set the perfect mood.

Why are brands turning to Spotify to grow their business?

Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube.

There are so many social platforms to choose from these days. Then there’s Spotify!

There’s been a huge rise of Spotify as a social media platform, used by today’s hottest brands, and it is fast becoming a prominent platform to engage with customers.

As a business owner, you want your customers and employees to have the best experience possible. One way to improve the atmosphere in your store, coffeeshop, or even the gym is to play appropriate music. And don’t worry. There’s no need to stress about compiling your hot new playlist. We’ve done for you.

A good playlist can enhance any moment. As a bonus to our iKhokha merchants, we have handcrafted playlists to set the mood of your business. Coffee shop? Nail salon? Tattoo parlour? We’ve got you.

Check out our vibey Spotify playlists created specifically for you!

Barber Beats

So many choices, from trims and cuts to shaves and tapers – luckily, we’ve got your playlist all sorted. Check out our selection by clicking the link above.

Bring It Home

We created this playlist for the proud South Africans who love to get down around a #HeritageDay braai with their chommies and chinas.


Nothing helps get you in the mood to burn calories like a good workout and a great playlist. Check out our great gym tracks right here.


Well-chosen background music can help clients relax and rejuvenate during therapeutic treatments, giving them the best experience.

Tats & Tunes

Unleash your inner rock star and create memories with this rocking playlist.

Girl Time

Create the most vibey place for your clients while they’re getting pampered, with this playlist filled with the latest hits.

Caffeine & Chill

The name says it all!

Music is a powerful tool and has the ability to encourage customers to feel positive, happy and confident in a purchase. Enjoy our selection of playlists and create a memorable experience with every person who walks into your store.

Samantha Gounden

Hey, I’m Samwise. The Storyteller and friendly face behind the words, here at iKhokha. When I'm not dotting my i's and crossing my t's, I set out to conquer the universe in other ways…behind a camera lens, on radio or being a Podcast Princess. A perfect day? Curling up with a great book in one hand and coffee in the other. A perfect life? Smiles, giggles and the company of my devilishly gorgeous labs.

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