Upskill during the Lockdown with FREE Online Courses

Invest in training yourself and your employees during this lockdown period. We've found FREE online courses that will make you an even better asset.

Knowledge really is power!


We are at home on lockdown in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 and our extra-curricular activities are limited to Netflix, spending time with the family or perhaps getting round to those household chores that are 6 months overdue. But, for many business owners this extra time includes worrying for the business that you put not just blood, sweat and tears into, but also love and heart. For employees, you’re worried about what this means for you.


Well, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Use this chance to upskill. As a business owner, it’ll only benefit you, and your business. As an employee, it’ll make an even better asset to your company.


The great part? It can be done in the comfort of your own home.

The even better part? It won’t cost you a cent.



Thankfully, many institutions are offering free online courses. All you need is a good internet connection and a computer. Here are 7 institutions that are offering free online courses that you can take advantage of:


Harvard University

Study at one of the most reputable institutions in the world. Harvard University is offering several online courses and some of them are free. The course duration ranges from two to twelve weeks and the courses include Art & Design, Business, Computer Science, Humanities, Programming, and Data Science. Check out the different courses here.


Hillsdale  College

If you are passionate about learning more about politics, history, literature, philosophy, religion, and economics, then head to Hillsdale College’s website to sign up for a course. The institution offers online courses to any person who wishes to learn and they are all free.




Study a new course in design, computer, finances, communication or business with Udemy. The college is offering free online courses for those wishing to learn or improve a skill. Check out all the available courses here.


Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage offers free courses approved by industry experts, top entrepreneurs, and some of the world’s leading employers. It has over 100 courses you can study and ensure you land the job of your dreams. From digital marketing to effective networking and business communication, there are tons of great free courses available. Visit the website for all courses.


Code Academy

Choose what to learn from building websites to analysing data. No matter your experience level, you can be writing real, working code in minutes. Your code will be tested as soon as you submit it, so you always know if you’re on the right track. Visit Code Academy here.

Get unlimited access to from an extensive library of course with expert teachers and industry specialists. From anywhere – all you need is a computer, tablet or mobile device. Click here to view site and courses.



Get personalised learning experiences on courses that are taught by real-world professionals. This is great for teams as well as individual learners. Find out more here.

“The lockdown, due to the Coronavirus, has left many of us feeling restless with unexpected extra time on our hands. But, it just may be the perfect opportunity to further your studies and knowledge, or even upskill. The way I see it, this is the perfect time to invest in YOU.”Samantha Gounden

We care about you and your business. For more iKhokha Business Tips that will help you excel, click here.


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