Error Codes / Troubleshooting

Did something go wrong with your iKhokha card machine? Don't stress, we’ve got you!‍ Here’s a list of error codes that you may see, and how to fix them.

What to do when something goes wrong

Oops! Did something go wrong with your card machine? We’ve got you!

Here’s a list of error codes that you may see when using your iKhokha card machine.

You can use these to easily identify a problem, fix it quickly and get on with the day-to-day running of your business.

Listed error codes:

00 – Approved or completed successfully

01 – Refer to card issuer

02 – Refer to card issuer, special condition

03 – Invalid merchant

04 – Pick-up card

05 – Do not honour

06 – Error

07 – Pick-up card, special condition

08 – Honour with identification

09 – Request in progress

10 – Approved, partial

11 – Approved, VIP

12 – Invalid transaction

13 – Invalid amount

14 – Invalid card number

15 – No such issuer

16 – Approved, update track 3

17 – Customer cancellation

18 – Customer dispute

19 – Re-enter transaction

20 – Invalid response

21 – No action taken

22 – Suspected malfunction

23 – Unacceptable transaction fee

24 – File update not supported

25 – Unable to locate record

26 – Duplicate record

27 – File update edit error

28 – File update file locked

30 – File update failed

31 – Bank not supported

32 – Completed partially

33 – Expired card, pick-up

34 – Suspected fraud, pick-up

35 – Contact acquirer, pick-up

36 – Restricted card, pick-up

37 – Call acquirer security, pick-up

38 – PIN tries exceeded, pick-up

39 – No credit account

40 – Function not supported

41 – Lost card

42 – No universal account

43 – Stolen card

44 – No investment account

51 – Not sufficient funds

52 – No check account

53 – No savings account

54 – Expired card

55 – Incorrect PIN

56 – No card record

57 – Transaction not permitted to cardholder

58 – Transaction not permitted on terminal

59 – Suspected fraud

60 – Contact acquirer

61 – Exceeds withdrawal limit

62 – Restricted card

63 – Security violation

64 – Original amount incorrect

65 – Exceeds withdrawal frequency

66 – Call acquirer security

67 – Hard capture

68 – Response received too late

75 – PIN tries exceeded

77 – Intervene, bank approval required

78 – Intervene, bank approval required for partial amount

90 – Cut-off in progress

91 – Issuer or switch inoperative

92 – Routing error

93 – Violation of law

94 – Duplicate transaction

95 – Reconcile error

96 – System malfunction

97 – Cancelled by Operator

98 – Exceeds cash limit

A0 = -ZZ Further Error codes pertaining to

*Note that we don’t receive an error code on Timeouts but do display that the transaction has timed out.

If you still can’t find a solution, contact iKhokha Support on 087 222 7000 or email

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