How to Make More Money From the Palm of Your Hand

Who knew that starting a business could cost you less than R500? We did. Now you can make more money every month with iK Vend!

Make more money with iK Vend

If making the best out of less-than-ideal situations was an Olympic sport, South Africans would be bringing home the gold. It would be a task and a half to find a nation more tenacious in its ability to adapt to dire situations and a global pandemic has been no exception.

It is in the spirit of our people to care for their families and communities through impressively industrious thinking. And it is in the spirit of the iKhokha team to help them get there.

Making money is for everybody

At iKhokha, we believe making money should be easy. It doesn’t need to be taxing or tiresome. It can be as convenient as the card machine in your store or the cell phone in your back pocket. Why? Because simplicity can change they world.

Accessibility is at the forefront of all our ideas at iKhokha. Our decisions are always geared towards making financial technology and business tools more available to the backbone of our economy; small businesses. Just one of those ideas is our prepaid vending service: iK Vend.

What is iK Vend?

How does iK Vend work?

The iKhokha App and iK Vend help you to uplift and support your community by selling prepaid services conveniently from your place of business. All you need to get the balling rolling is:

1) A Mover Pro card machine (priced at R449 this May)

2) The (free) iKhokha App features!

No monthly fees, no strings attached, no contracts! It’s just one of the ways that iKhokha is making business easier for small business owners.

Make more money

Expand your income

If you’ve had your finger on the entrepreneurial pulse, you’ll know the importance placed on multiple streams of income. Some of us are still recovering from the whiplash that was COVID-19 and heading into the workforce more aware than ever that our financial security can be compromised at any moment. With that in mind, it’s no wonder then that so many South Africans have made the (applaudable) decision to expand their income through side hustles and multiple businesses.

Which is where we come in.

Start selling

What are the prepaid services you can sell with iK Vend? Well, only the most necessary services that everybody needs.

  1. Data
  2. Airtime
  3. Electricity, gas, and water
  4. Telkom bills
  5. EasyPay bills
  6. Pay@bills
  7. DStv
  8. Traffic fines

This means that people can pay for data and airtime whilst they’re getting their nails done. They could even settle their bills from their local coffee house. Perhaps, they could ease the blow of a nasty traffic fine by paying for it in your warm and welcoming art studio? With iK Vend, you can make easy money whilst you make other peoples lives easier.

The options are limitless: and they’re in arms reach when you join the iK Tribe. This could be your chance to grow your business for under R500. What are you waiting for?


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Expertise shared from our team of seasoned entrepreneurs, side hustlers and professional writers to help make business easier for you, no matter where you are in your business journey.

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