Sell Prepaid Products and Services with iK Vend

Attract more feet to your store by selling airtime and data with the iKhokha app. Become the one-stop-shop your customer needs.

iKhokha just got even better with iK Vend

iK Vend* is a powerful new feature in the iKhokha app that allows you to sell a range of prepaid products and services using the iKhokha app, and accrue sales commission. Increase your product offering and attract more customers to your store by:

    • Selling airtime and data for major networks
    • Selling prepaid utilities e.g. electricity, water, gas
    • Accepting bill payments (e.g. DStv)

*iK Vend applies to card payments only

Getting started
All you have to do to get started is update the iKhokha app then start selling iKhokha Vend. Go to the iK app and open iK Vend. You will be able to view a number of prepaid products and services options that you can offer to your customers. Once selected and processed, your customer will receive their prepaid code via a digital receipt, on email or SMS. If you have a Bluetooth printer, you will have the option of printing out the receipt.

Save your customers time. Offer them convenience. Be their one-stop-shop!

Read more on iK Vend here. To read more about our other products, click here.

Samantha Gounden

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