Boost Your Business with Social Proof

Get more reviews! Attract more customers and boost your business with social proof using Hellopeter's leading review management system.

Boost Your Business with Social Proof

Did you know that you can boost your business with social proof? We often talk about the fact that we offer the top-rated support in Financial Services on Hellopeter, because reputable review platforms are an effective way of earning trust.


The average consumer reads 10 online reviews before making a purchase decision. Furthermore, 88% of these consumers trust online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation.


It’s called social proof. What it means is that if hundreds of people are giving your business a 5-star rating, you must know what you’re doing. As studies suggest, people value the opinion of others. Following that logic, the more people who give great feedback about your brand, the more likely others will trust you with their business.


In our opinion, social proof is a foolproof way to grow a business, so we’ve teamed up with Hellopeter to help you build your social proof and win more business.


Introducing Boost Your Business with Hellopeter


Over the next 4-weeks, Hellopeter will offer exclusive onboarding to iKhokha merchants. Boost your business with social proof today. Register on Hellopeter and receive free review strategy sessions and a free profile set-up.


As a company that’s been there, we highly recommend investing in social proof. It’s a great way to attract more customers and start interacting with leads who already trust your business.





Josh Martin

The resident 'Word Nerd' at iKhokha, Josh is on a mission to help businesses grow with insightful, data-driven and engaging content that builds lasting enterprises. When he's off the clock, he's trawling Reddit or in the garden drinking wine.

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